Integrated payment solutions for your shop

Boost sales in your shop with our payment solutions. Whether you want to process transactions on your existing terminal, start selling online or are looking for a new point-of-sale payment solution to accept payments faster; we have the solution to suit your situation.

EMS for Retail? It pays off.

You want to be able to focus on your business without worrying about payments. Our payment solutions help you do just that. So that you and your business continue to grow.

Pay anytime, anywhere and fast

Accept credit cards, debit cards, contactless, Apple Pay, Google Pay and even gift cards or cash in your shop. And with 4G connectivity and the Clover Flex, you can process orders and payments anywhere in your shop.


Payments are made as secure as possible with us. For that, we have PCI DSS v4.0 certification. In addition, you also enjoy maximum uptime through our Active Transaction Hosts.


Our POS payment terminals are easy to integrate with existing systems and, thanks to the EMS dashboard, offer anytime, anywhere insight into transactions via any channel.

In addition, the Clover allows you to easily enter and manage stocks and keep track of your customer base.

Discover the new generation of Clover

Meet Clover. The complete picture when it comes to payments. A modern and sleek design, but also a user-friendly system for you and your customers. Making transactions easier for you and an even richer shopping experience for your customers.

A suitable solution for every situation

Whether you are just starting a new shop, you are expanding or you are starting to sell online. At EMS, we help you and your business grow.

Modern POS payment systems

The new generation of Clover helps retailers of all sizes to let customers pay quickly and anywhere. Moreover, smart apps make them expandable into complete POS systems, so you always have an overview of what is happening in your shop.

Transaction processing

Start accepting payments even if you already have your own payment terminal. Because we charge a flat rate per payment, you know exactly where you stand. And, with access to your own My EMS dashboard, you always have an overview of all transactions

Accept payments through any channel

Whether you only have a physical shop, or also start selling online - with our omnichannel solutions, you always have visibility of all transactions.

What our customers say

EMS has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs, working in various industries, turn daily payment complexity into growth opportunities for decades.

What is ideal about the Clover is that the payments work and all the passes do. The Clover is unique, and so are the chips.

Gerben Hensen

Owner Frites Unique

We were looking for a simpler process for our mechanics.. This new solution is easier and, above all, more efficient. All in all, a great 'metamorphosis' of our daily processes