All-in-one Clover payment terminals

Discover our Clover payment terminals. With these smart payment terminals, you can do even more than just accept payments. The Clover apps let you do business more efficiently. Whether your customers pay by cash or debit and credit cards, Clover helps you grow your business. Besides a smart payment terminal, we also handle the processing of all your transactions of the most common payment methods.

Clover is for everyone

With over a million satisfied business owners worldwide, it's fair to say that Clover is for everyone. From small hairdressers and beauty salons to busy cafes and larger retail chains. Clover makes accepting payments easy.

Accepting payments

With Clover, your customers pay easily with Maestro, V PAY, Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards. Also with mobile wallets and wearables.

Stable network

Clover gives you good coverage everywhere thanks to its built-in 4G and WiFi connections. The Mini also has an Ethernet connection.


Clover apps make it easy to manage your stock, employees and even customers. Give your regular customers discounts and automatically keep track of your stock.

Which Clover suits you?

Choosing the right payment terminal can be quite tricky for a start-up entrepreneur, but also for the seasoned business owner. Clover comes in two variants: The Mini for on the counter and the Flex that allows your customers to pay anywhere. Debit payments, credit cards and even cash. In the Clover dashboard, you get a clear overview of everything.

Mobile payment solution

Your customers pay on-the-spot with the Clover Flex. At the counter, on the terrace or on the road at customers' homes. The Flex is where the customer pays. The refreshing white design with large touchscreen stands out and is very user-friendly.

Fixed payment terminal

The Mini's white, modern design makes it stand out on your counter. On the large touchscreen, you easily handle pin payments and manage your customers, employees and business. Perfect for smaller shops with a fixed point of sale.

Our payment methods

Maestro & V PAY Domestic
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Maestro & V PAY International
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Debit Mastercard & Visa Debit Domestic
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Debit Mastercard & Visa Debit International
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Mastercard & Visa creditcard
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What our customers say

EMS has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs, working in various industries, turn daily payment complexity into growth opportunities for decades.

What is ideal about the Clover is that the payments work and all the passes do. The Clover is unique, and so are the chips.

Gerben Hensen

Owner Frites Unique

We were looking for a simpler process for our mechanics.. This new solution is easier and, above all, more efficient. All in all, a great 'metamorphosis' of our daily processes