Clover Mini

Your fixed payment terminal

The Clover Mini is a payment terminal and cash register in one. The Mini takes up little space on your counter. This smart payment solution helps your business grow through its wide range of applications and is easy to use.

From € 35,- per month

Or buy for € 750,-

  • All-in-one and powerful

  • Large touchscreen

  • Enables smarter business


Grow with the Clover Mini

Clover is designed for you to take work off your hands. Fast and smooth payments, which you can track in real time in the Clover Dashboard. You have access to various free and paid apps such as checkout, loyalty and gift cards. Give employees access and reward your regular customers with discounts. The Mini is here for everyone.

Fixed point-of-sale solution

With the Mini, you have a fixed payment point in your shop where customers can make PIN and creditcard payments. Thanks to 4G**, WiFi and LAN connections, you always have a good connection.

Go green, go digital

The Mini has an integrated receipt printer, but you can also send receipts digitally. Both can be personalised too, which is a nice addition.

Manage your stock

Add your stock to Clover and scan barcodes at checkout. Clover automatically keeps track of your stock and tells you when to buy again.

Sleek design with large touchscreen

Clover Mini's large touchscreen is not only nice for you and your staff, it is also easy for customers to operate. Entering a PIN code or e-mail address for a digital receipt is easy and quick. The Mini is expandable with a swivel base, cash drawer and barcode scanner for a full cash register.

Secure payments

Our Clover payment terminals meet the latest security requirements and have the necessary certificates, including PCI PTS 6.x. So as a business owner, you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of it all.


Qualcomm Snapdragon-8 Cores Processor, 1.843GHz 4 Cores and 2.2GHz 4 Cores
4G**, WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth 5.0
8.0" IPS HD Touchscreen Display 1280 x 800 pixels
PCI PTS 6.x certified

Choose the right software package for your business

As standard, Clover comes with the Payment Plus package and can therefore be used as a payment terminal with a number of extra features. Using the Register Lite package, Clover is extended to a full cash register system.

Payment Plus


For the merchant who wants more than to accept payments.

  • Accept debit and credit card payments contactless and via mobile
  • Create employee accounts and manage employee access
  • Easily store data such as customer name, e-mail and address
  • Also record cash sales for a total overview of revenues
  • Send customers the receipt by email

Register Lite

€ 9,95 /month*

For the entrepreneur looking for a compact and complete cash register. *Temporarily free

  • All functions of the Payment Plus package
  • Easily grant discounts at item and order level
  • Register products & stock and link this to sales
  • Replace your entire checkout system with one compact device
  • Gain insight into orders and change them quickly and easily

Our payment methods

Maestro & V PAY Domestic
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Maestro & V PAY International
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Debit Mastercard & Visa Debit Domestic
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Debit Mastercard & Visa Debit International
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Mastercard & Visa creditcard
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Additional fees

Online reporting tool My EMS & Clover Dashboard
One-time activation fee
€ 50,-
Monthly Service Fee (regardless of number of devices)
€ 8,50
**Monthly SIM Card Fee (only if GPRS is activated)
(€ 12.95) **Temporarily free
Minimum fee per credit card transaction
€ 0,41

What our customers say

EMS has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs, working in various industries, turn daily payment complexity into growth opportunities for decades.

What is ideal about the Clover is that the payments work and all the passes do. The Clover is unique, and so are the chips.

Gerben Hensen

Owner Frites Unique

We were looking for a simpler process for our mechanics.. This new solution is easier and, above all, more efficient. All in all, a great 'metamorphosis' of our daily processes