Acquiring Solution for Carglass® Netherlands' SoftPOS Integration

Carglass® serves different customers in different locations. For this, providing a smooth and hassle-free payment experience is crucial. Traditional payment methods, especially for on-the-go services, could be cumbersome and time-consuming. Thanks to the SoftPOS solution, Carglass® opted for more convenience and higher service levels for their customers, as well as cost reduction as there is no longer a need for payment terminal hardware.

About Carglass®

Carglass® is a well known automotive glass repair and replacement company with over 40 years of experience in the Netherlands. They are part of Belron, the largest company in the world when it comes to automotive glass repairs, servicing 34 countries. Carglass® operates in the Netherlands from their 59 physical locations. Covering the entire nation and with mechanics on the road, they can repair and replace glass throughout the country, leaving satisfied customers with a 84.5 Net Promoter Score.

Carglass® provides high-quality automotive glass repairs, such as windshield replacements and repairs for damages, with sustainability in mind. They recycle virtually all of the vehicle glass that is handled. The company took further steps to reduce their carbon emissions, with around one third of the electricity they use now coming from renewable sources.

Seamless On-the-Road Payments

One of the challenges faced was ensuring seamless payments for their customers in their stores and on the road. Since they cater to numerous customers at different locations, offering a smooth and hassle-free payment experience was crucial. Traditional payment methods, especially for on-the-road services, could be a hassle and time-consuming, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and the overall efficiency of their business. SoftPOS enables safe and easy payments, in store and on the road. With a switch to a SoftPOS solution, Carglass® chose for more convenience and a higher service level for their customers, as well as a cost reduction since there is no need any more for payment terminal hardware.

By replacing existing cash register systems and other hardware such as tablets, receipt printer, payment terminal and hand scanner for an all-in-one SoftPOS solution, all Carglass® branches can be operated through smartphones by employees.

"We were looking for a more simplified process for our mechanics. They now have to use less various systems and therefore have to do less actions. This new solution is easier and, above all, more efficient. All in all, a great 'metamorphosis' in terms of our daily processes."


SoftPOS Acquiring by EMS

To address the payment challenges and provide a cutting-edge SoftPOS solution, Carglass® partnered with EMS and With over 25 years of experience in processing payments and having a wide network and knowledge in the mobility sector, EMS can offer the right solution. The track record of EMS in the mobility sector with large projects such as OVpay, allowing tap and go transactions for all public transport in the Netherlands, and various EV-charging and parking solutions give great examples of previous successful partnerships.


The SoftPOS solution was introduced to Carglass® by EMS’s partner, enabling them to accept payments on-the-go. With the SoftPOS solution, mechanics can now use their smartphones or tablets to accept payments, that via software have turned into secure payment terminals. This allows the mechanics to accept payments from customers on the spot, whether it's a repair on the road or at one of their physical locations. Read more about’s SoftPOS solution here. is a large communications and software company, based in the Netherlands. Their communications and payment platform empowers marketing, sales and customer support to automate engagement with customers across multiple mobile channels, blended with seamless payment capabilities that drive sales, gain customers and increase customer happiness. EMS and have a longer history of working together.


EMS took charge of the acquiring process for both debit and credit cards, collaborating closely with Carglass® to ensure a smooth and streamlined payment experience for their customers. The SoftPOS solution supports major card networks, including Visa and Mastercard, enabling Carglass® to cater to a wide range of payment preferences. Customers can pay via contactless cards or using their mobile wallets.

Successful Implementation and Nationwide Coverage

The SoftPOS solution and acquiring of EMS and went live in April 2023, bringing about significant positive changes for the company. The key results and benefits are:

Seamless On-the-Road Payments

With the SoftPOS solution, mechanics can now accept payments from customers on the spot, eliminating the need for customers to visit physical stores or deal with cash transactions. This has significantly improved customer convenience and satisfaction. EMS allows the acceptance of all Visa and Mastercard products, including the mostly used Maestro and V Pay, but also the new debit products from these card brands as well as their credit cards. This allows both Dutch nationals as well as international visitors and tourists to make easy payments when they are in need of Carglass®’ services.

Nationwide Coverage

Carglass® can now more easily serve its customers throughout the Netherlands, irrespective of their location. Whether the service is provided at one of their stores or on the road, customers can make payments hassle-free and effortlessly.

Reliable and Speedy Transactions

EMS's expertise in payment processing and acquiring has ensured that transactions are secure, reliable, and completed with impressive speed. This aligns with the core values of both EMS and Carglass®, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Cost reduction

Hardware for traditional payment terminals and associated service contracts can run up high in costs, especially for businesses with many locations. Since SoftPOS runs on existing hardware (smartphone or tablet), there can be a big cost benefit.

“The Finance department now automatically matches the invoice with the payment from EMS. It gives us more insight into the payment traffic and we have been able to automate operations in our collecting department, which is another efficiency gain. So we are very satisfied with the cooperation with EMS, it really adds value to our business processes.”


The benefits for Carglass

The SoftPOS solution and the acquisition of EMS and went live in April 2023, bringing significant positive changes for the company.

Seamless On-the-Road Payments

Mechanics can accept payments on the spot

Nationwide coverage

Carglass® can now more easily serve its customers throughout the Netherlands

Reliable and fast transactions

Payment processing is completed reliably and with impressive speed

Cost reduction

Thanks to the use of SoftPOS