Our fees

We believe it is important that your customers can pay their way. That is why EMS offers a wide range of payment methods. So your customers can always pay with the debit card, credit card or mobile wallet of their choice. We also offer the most common payment methods for online stores and the major international credit cards if you sell across the border.

Take a look at our competitive fees below. It pays off.

Transaction fees for your shop

Maestro Domestic
€ 0,074
V PAY Domestic
€ 0,069
Maestro International
1,50% + € 0,005
V PAY International
Debit Mastercard Domestic
€ 0,074

Domestic or International?

The Domestic rate applies when your customer pays with a debit or credit card issued in the Netherlands. The International rate applies to foreign cards.

Visa Debit

Visa Debit is the successor to V PAY. From 2023, Dutch banks started issuing these new payment cards.

Debit Mastercard

Debit Mastercard is the successor to Maestro. From 2023, Dutch banks started issuing these new payment cards.

Transaction fees for your webshop

€ 0,25
Maestro Domestic
1,40% + € 0,155
V PAY Domestic
1,40% + € 0,15
Maestro International
1,50% + € 0,155
V PAY International
1,50% + € 0,15

Additional fees

Monthly Service Fee: physical location
€ 8,50
Monthly service fee: webshop
€ 9,95
Online Reporting tool My EMS
Return payment debit
Equal to transaction fee
Return payment credit
Equal to transaction fee
Minimum fee per credit card transaction
€ 0,41
PCI Compliance Fee (if applicable)
€ 49,95