A switch from football to fries

In Rotterdam's picturesque Veerhaven harbour, Gerben Hensen works at his company Frites Unique. Gerben is 39 and has an interesting career path behind him. This born and bred Rotterdammer started playing football when he was six. And not without success. He played for Feyenoord and Sparta, but had to quit prematurely at 25 due to injury. Gerben had another dream: to start his own business. In the hospitality industry to be precise. And with the same energy as in his professional career, he started Frites Unique.

Frites Unique

Frites Unique is not your average snack bar. Here you get a full meal that happens to come out of the fryer. Everything points to quality. The product, the decoration, the staff and the location. That location in particular had its fair share of problems. Gerben is not allowed to pre-fry here, for instance. That is now done elsewhere, so at Frites Unique you can get memorable fries in a monumental building.

The cherry on top

Gerben and his partner do everything themselves. From the chic decoration of the shop to the practicalities. Like the method of payment. They use Clover instead of a conventional payment terminal. "What's nice about the Clover is that it takes all credit cards" explains Gerben. And that's important when you receive a lot of tourists. In addition, Gerben praises the fact that the Clover "is not on WiFi, but on 4G". This allows payments to be made at any time.

"No need to worry"

What is ideal about the Clover is that "the payments work and all the cards work". And that is a reassuring thought for an entrepreneur. Gerben has "no worries" about it. This leaves him with more time which he prefers to spend playing football with his three sons. On top of that, the Clover Flex has the same allure as Frites Unique. In Gerben's words, "the Clover is unique. And so are the fries".