Reporting App

Log in with your unique code and then, in the main menu, open the reporting app. Through this app, you can find and print the day summary. By default, when you open this app, it selects today's date, and "All Devices" is chosen. This means you will see a day overview of all transactions on all Clover machines you have.

Please note: If you log in with "Quick Access," the app will not display any information.

You can change the overview by pressing "All Devices" at the top to show only "This Device," so you only see the data from the machine you have in front of you.

You can also adjust the date by pressing "Today." In addition to some standard options like "Yesterday" and "Last 7 days," you can choose a custom date or period by pressing "Custom."

If you have a closing time after midnight, keep in mind that you can only select the date after midnight. You cannot select a future date. In this case, at the end of the day, select yesterday's date with the opening time as the start date and the current date and time until, for example, 02:00 as the end date.

Reporting via Clover Dashboard

A similar report can be viewed through your web browser on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. When you log in to, you can choose Reporting in the left menu. By default, the sales overview is displayed here. If you then press "Full Report" in the top right, you will get the same overview as on the Clover payment terminal itself.

You can export the report (as a CSV file) or print it. (On most computers, when printing, you can also choose "Save as PDF.")

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