1. Connect your Clover Mini to the mains and wait for the device to start up. If the Mini does not start, you can find a power button under the screen on the right side.

  2. Select the desired language from the list and press 'next'. If you accidentally chose the wrong language, you can adjust it in the settings after installation.

  3. Connect to the desired network.

    • The preferred connection for the Mini is an ethernet cable. It will automatically connect.

    • If desired, you can use a WiFi network. Select the network from the available networks and enter the password. The Mini will now connect; when successful, you can click 'done'.

    • The Mini also has the option to work with a SIM if you don't have WiFi or a cable. Note that activation may take longer with the SIM connection.

  4. Enter the 8-digit activation code. The activation code is sent directly to the email address you provided. It can also be found in the Clover dashboard.

  5. Your Clover device will now install the necessary updates. Depending on the connection, this may take a few minutes. During this process, the device may restart.

  6. After the update, the terminal will ask if you want to test the printer. This can be done or skipped by selecting 'next'.

    The following steps are only when activating the first terminal on a new connection. When activating multiple terminals afterward, these steps will not be requested.

  7. Next, select the desired subscription. For more information about subscriptions, see emspay.nl/clover (You can adjust your choice later).

  8. Set an access code.

  9. You will then be asked if you want to accept tips on the receipt or on the screen.

    • On the screen, this is done immediately during payment.

    • On the receipt, you can set it so that if you print the receipt for the customer first, a field will follow where the customer can indicate how much tip he/she would like to give. Subsequently, you can include that amount in the payment.

    In both cases, the tip amount given will be displayed on the receipt after payment.

    NOTE: This setting manages the functionality only on the Clover. To add the tip function, a request must be made to EMS to accept this. When it is enabled in the systems by EMS, transactions with tips will be accepted.

  10. Confirm your choices on the overview.

  11. Your Clover is now ready for use.

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