We pay out: your turnover, minus the costs for EMS services.


We process payouts on business days (Monday through Friday). On all business days this is done before 10:00 am. Weekend payouts take place in 3 batches. The first payment is made before Monday morning 10.00, followed by two additional payments before 14.00. Depending on your bank, the payment may be credited to your account throughout the day.  

In some cases and for certain industries, at the time of application EMS may suggest a longer payment period when reviewing. 

Your bank statement will show the transaction date and a description of the payment for each disbursement. Please note that EMS transfers the money to your bank, but the availability in the account is determined by your own bank. 

There are several possible reasons why a payment has not been received:

  • EMS does not pay out directly in the morning. The payout can be credited to your account throughout the day.

  • After the weekend or after a holiday, payouts for multiple days are prepared at once. This can result in the payout being credited to your account at the end of the day.

  • It is a (international) holiday, in which case no payouts take place.

  • You have a negative balance with EMS.

  • There is an incorrect bank account number (for example, incorrect IBAN). We then block the payment until we have a correct account number.

  • An automatic debit could not take place.

  • The payout has been offset with the amount that could not be debited via automatic debit.

  • There is a disruption. Check our disruption page for current disruptions.

  • If no disruption is known, check the disruption page of your bank.

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