From slow cooking to quick payments

Frans and Bianca are the proud owners of BBQ Eiland, a shop specialising in barbecues and everything that comes with them. Three years ago, they started their adventure by selling Big Green Eggs and some accessories. With professional catering experience and Bianca as a vinologist, they have expanded their business considerably and also offer workshops, catering a wine assortment and various gifts. Their unique focus is on Kamado BBQ and South African braai, inspired by Bianca's South African background.

BBQ Eiland's Success Recipe: Efficiency and Growth with Clover

BBQ Eiland makes extensive use of the Clover POS terminal, which has become an integral part of their operations. "When we started three years ago, we were looking for a checkout system that was compact and versatile," explains Frans. "After much research, we ended up with Clover because it is an PIN terminal, cash register and printer in one, and also linked to an online environment where you can see your turnover."

Bianca adds, "We use Clover for almost everything. The system has a nice gift card system and a customer system where we can keep track of all our customers' details. Customers can pay in different ways, and it's very practical because at the end of the day you don't have to make a separate day's closure. Everything is stored automatically."

The convenience and appearance of the Clover payment terminal also catches the eye of their customers. "We get positive feedback from customers every day. They think the system is beautiful and practical because everything is in one device: pin, cash register and printer. It is very user-friendly, both for us and for our customers," Bianca says. "The system also offers the possibility of sending receipts via e-mail or SMS, which our customers really appreciate."

The beauty of Clover is that it is an PIN terminal, cash register and printer in one, and also linked to your online environment.

Frans and Bianca

BBQ Eiland

The Impact of Clover on BBQ Eiland

For BBQ Eiland, the Clover payment terminal has made a world of difference. The compact and versatile system provides efficiency and convenience for both the business and customers. With Clover, BBQ Eiland can easily track sales, manage customer data and process payments, which is essential for their growing business. Frans and Bianca are very pleased with the reliability and ease of use of Clover, which significantly improves their day-to-day operations. In addition, the Clover Dashboard provides a good overview of their entire business. "You could almost say that Clover is the beating heart of our business," Frans says with a laugh.