OVpay: the new way of checking in and out on public transport

OVpay is the new way of checking in and out on public transport in the Netherlands. With OVpay, you are no longer tied to an ov-chipcard, because you can choose how you check in and out. You can do this with a contactless debit card, credit card or via your mobile phone and ov-chipcard. Flexibility and convenience come first with OVpay. Whether you travel by bus, train, metro or tram, everything is possible.

How does it work?

As simple as payments in stores work these days, so does OVpay. When checking in, you hold the contactless debit card, credit card or smartphone against the card reader or gate and you are checked in. Checking out at the end of your journey works in exactly the same way. To avoid accidentally using a different debit card when checking in and out, it is recommended that you remove your card from your wallet.

EMS: the partner in Mobility as a Service

EMS is no stranger to the public transport world and has already entered into previous partnerships with operators in Belgium and Germany to enable transactions with contactless payment cards and smartphones there too. EMS believes in the sustainable future of public transport and the climate-neutral goals of the many transport operators, who continue to innovate with the electrification of public transport. This is something EMS is happy to contribute to.

MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is developing rapidly and therefore more often requires innovative solutions. Besides payments in public transport, in recent years EMS has done various developments in checking in and out for parking, being able to pay by debit card or smartphone at charging locations for hybrid/electric cars and also solutions for being able to order and/or settle MaaS-related services online.