The new iDEAL

The new iDEAL is an updated version of the iDEAL payment method that aims to provide a better experience for online businesses and consumers. The new iDEAL makes ordering and paying online even easier. iDEAL will be extended with a new payment page. With the data stored therein, such as a delivery address, customers can complete their order or payment even faster.

In the current iDEAL payment flow, the bank is central to the payment process. A consumer chooses their bank and confirms the payment in their online banking environment. One of the key features of the new iDEAL is a new payment page that eliminates the need for consumers to choose their bank for payment. Instead, they can simply scan a QR code on the iDEAL page using their banking app and quickly approve the payment. You can read more on the website of iDEAL..

What exactly will change for consumers?

Customers of your webshop can easily save payment preferences and delivery details via their bank in their iDEAL profile. The customer then pays via the iDEAL payment page with QR code or via the bank app. Placing and paying for an order is thus faster and easier than before.

Benefits for businesses

Behind the scenes we work hard on the technical iDEAL infrastructure and the new iDEAL page.

Due to the improved central infrastructure of the new iDEAL, it will be easier for entrepreneurs to offer iDEAL to customers. The bank choice will be replaced by the iDEAL page, which will be the same everywhere. Because the user-friendliness for customers will be improved and payments will be faster, you as a business owner will benefit from a higher conversion on your online store.

There will be some changes for customers using the EMS payment page. They will start using a new iDEAL page offered by iDEAL itself; this will no longer be the EMS iDEAL checkout.

Using the new iDEAL

Are you an EMS customer and already using iDEAL payments? If so, you may need to make changes to use the new iDEAL. We will notify our customers about this in the coming months. Do you want to get your online store ready for 1 July 2024? Then contact us at